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Conservation Education:
the Houbara Model

A programme that inspires the next generation of young conservationists.


Practice 1

Curriculum Integration

Embraces the houbara as a flagship species where education content is mapped to the UAE national curriculum designed to reach K-12 students across the 7 Emirates. Cross-curricular learning experiences apply 21st century skills which allow students to engage in activities in innovative learning environments and expose them to content that encourages them to reflect on what they believe and challenge themselves to become more responsible citizens.

Practice 2

Professional Learning Networks

Provide methods and techniques for teachers to facilitate their students’ learning process in UAE classrooms. The coordination of tasks with trained teachers leads to the standardised of learning activities which creates learning environments where teachers can plan and collaborate to develop a consistent approach to inform the behavior and attitudes of K-12 students and across the wider school community.

Practice 3

Awareness & Outreach

Initiate opportunities and learning environments which encourage creativity and develop global awareness through collaborative project-based outreach activities. Introduce real world scenarios that engage learners to inquire and explore and apply what they know in meaningful ways. Work with partners to develop, implement and monitor awareness and outreach events and sustainability schemes.

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